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  • Securely Store Files via FTP or Web

    BrickFTP™ is your own shared server that allows you to send and receive files to and from your clients, vendors, and co-workers.

    Organize your site however you like. Create users or groups that only have access to certain folders by configuring granular permissions to fit your needs.

    Your users can upload or download files with an FTP/SFTP client, WebDAV, your Desktop Uploader application, or your beautiful web workspace.

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  • Secure Vault Storage For Your Files

    Brick uses "military-strength" encryption to secure your files against unauthorized access.

    Brick's encryption is HIPAA compliant and we are able to sign a BAA for customers regulated by HIPAA.

    Technically, Brick uses the 2048-bit SSL and the TLSv1 Protocol to secure web (port 80), FTP (port 990 or 21), and SFTP (port 22) connections. Additionally, files are encrypted at-rest within your site, using the extremely strong AES256 cipher.

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  • Use Your Own Branding And Colors

    Customize the look and feel of your web interface by uploading your own logos and changing the colors to match your brand.

    On the Max plan, you also have complete control of custom CSS and Javascript, allowing you to white-label your workspace, with no traces of BrickFTP™ Branding.

    You can also use your own domain name or subdomain, so you can link clients directly to

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  • Photo, Video, and Audio Preview

    Your site automatically generates preview versions of images so your users can review images directly in your workspace, without having to download the original files.

    Video and audio files are also playable right in the workspace.

    Your users will love the experience.

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  • Comprehensive Audit Logging

    When you're storing confidential files, it's very important to see exactly who is reading, changing, or deleting your files.

    Brick records detailed activity logs of every action taken by a user, with appropriate timestamps and details about the actions that were taken.

    All logs are retained for 7 years.

    Brick makes regulatory and internal compliance easy.

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  • Use Any Browser or FTP Software

    Your beautiful web workspace is supported on any operating system with an internet browser.

    Additionally, your site fully supports the FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV protocols. This means that your site will support all standard FTP clients, web development tools, dictation software and much more.

    Your Desktop Uploader will run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    Your site will support all of your users seamlessly.

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  • Flexible Permissions Ensure Security

    Brick's permission model is very flexible, and allows you to create many different classes of users.

    For each user or group, you can assign read, write, or full access privileges on a folder.

    In other words, you can make it so users can only view or download files, only upload files (but not view them), or have full access (uploading, downloading, deleting files).

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  • Easily Share Files With Anyone

    You can share files with anyone, even if they don't have an account on your site. The web workspace lets you generate a special download link, which you can share via email or instant message.

    Shared links can be configured to expire after a certain amount of time.

    You can also accept anonymous uploads. Just enable anonymous uploading, direct clients or vendors to your site, and they will be able to upload files directly to you without needing an account.

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  • Redundant, Solid, and Scalable Infrastructure

    Your site will run entirely within Amazon Web Services, which provides easy access to hundreds of terabytes of storage and the ability to scale resources on demand.

    All files stored in Brick are stored in Amazon's S3 Simple Storage Service, which is designed for 99.999999999% file durability and 99.99% availability.

    All aspects of Brick's infrastructure are redundant and designed to have a 99.99% uptime. And your site will never go down for "scheduled maintenance", ever.

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