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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I connect and upload/download via an FTP client?

See the Step-by-Step guides on the right-hand side of this page.
We have tutorials for Filezilla, Mac OS, Windows Explorer, and more.
We strongly recommend a dedicated FTP client if you are doing lots of large file transfers.

How do I upload and download via the web workspace?
ftp hosting home screen

Simply log in at and you will see the files and folders that you can access. To upload a file, click the "Upload Files" button on the top right. If your browser supports it, you can also drag-and-drop files right from your desktop into the browser window. You can navigate by clicking folders to open them, clicking files to download them, and dragging and dropping files and folders to move them. To delete a file, simply click the X on the same line as the filename. Just give it a try; it's really easy!

I have complicated permission requirements, does Brick support them?

Yes! Brick has a highly-advanced permission system that allows you to assign permissions on a per-user and per-folder basis. You can give your vendors write-only access, your clients read-only access, and your employees full read-write access on each project folder. Or... mix it up with any combination of the above. To assign permissions, just click the "Permissions" tab near the middle of your workspace. To learn how you can add users and assign permissions to them, our article on permissions should help you out.

Can multiple people share the same username? Can they log in at the same time?
user creation screen

Yes! Many of our customers make a single username that is shared by several people (for example multiple people at the same customer or vendor). We do not prevent them from being logged in simultaneously. The only thing to note is that activity logging is on a per-user basis, so all their activities would get merged into the same log.

Our user creation interface also provides you immense flexibility when customizing options for each user. Along with the basic, essential information such as username, time zone, email, etc., you can also customize many advanced features such as group assignment, changing their upload root, global permissions, settings for the desktop uploader, IP restricted access, 1-click QuickSharing of files, administrator privileges, forced password changes and much, much more.

Is there an API?
api access

Yes there is. In fact, we have 3. They each provide a different level of abstraction and integration. First, we offer a Javascript API that makes it easy to upload directly to Brick from any website. It's very customizable and provides a nice upload progress bar to your users. The Javascript API also allows you to build a user registration form on your own website.

Secondly, we provide a REST API that operates using XML over HTTP. The REST API is our more advanced API that provides full control (create, read, update, and delete) over users, groups, and folders.

Finally, we provide a Web Hook API that sends notifications to your website or web application whenever an action occurs on your Brick site. If you have additional API requirements, please feel free to write us and see if we can help. We'll do our best.

What protocols does BrickFTP™ support?

BrickFTP™ supports uploading and downloading via HTTP (port 80), HTTPS (port 443), WebDAV (port 443), FTP (port 21 or 3021), FTPS (ports 21, 3021, or 990), and SFTP (port 22).

Why do I want TLS encryption for FTPS and FTPES connections?

Google discovered a major security flaw in the older SSLv3 protocols used to secure HTTPS, FTPS, and FTPES communication. TLS is a stronger alternative which we already require for HTTPS connections, and now require by default for all FTPS connections. We allow site operators to selectively disable this requirement for FTPS and FTPES connections, but only to maintain compatibility with legacy FTP applications that do not support TLS encryption.

Is BrickFTP™ secure?

We use a variety of different technologies to ensure security, including encryption of files and at rest, encrypted transfers, and granular permission settings. Our Security Technology page explains it all in great detail.

Is BrickFTP™ reliable?

BrickFTP™ is designed for high-availability. Our Redundancy and Backups page tells you all about everything we do to keep our service available as much as possible. We've had a 99.9% or better uptime every month during 2013 and our Service Level Agreement provides for refunds if we fail to meet our uptime goal of 99.9%. Please see our Service Level Agreement inside our Terms of Service for more information.

Where are files hosted?

All files are stored within the United States. Our servers primarily operate out of Northern Virginia (US East Coast). Our Redundancy and Backups page explains exactly where we store different types of data.

Can I point my own custom domain name?

Yes! However, please note that we do not allow customers to provide custom SSL certificates for pointed domains. The Transit Security section on our Security Technology page has more information.

Can you combine billing for multiple accounts?

Yes! Just E-Mail us and ask us to combine the billing for you.

Can you accept purchase orders, mailed checks, mailed invoices, or annual prepayment? Are there any discounts?

We can accommodate any of the above needs if you contact us. Mailed payments, invoices, or purchase orders need to be a prepayment for at least a 12-month term.

What is your refund policy?

Any account may be cancelled for a refund for any reason at any time. There are no contracts or hidden fees. If you cancel and request a refund, we will refund your most recent payment. No questions asked. One refund per person, please.

I still have questions!

Our support desk can help. Click here to contact our support desk.

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