Announcing a 20% Price Cut on Storage

Published on July 1, 2015

We have reduced storage pricing again on our top two plans, dropping the price to $0.10/GB on our top-tier Corporate plan and offering $0.20/GB on our middle-tier Business plan.

If you are already on the Corporate plan or the newest version of the Business plan, you are already receiving the new pricing.

As part of this change, we have made a minor change to our terms of service regarding storage calculations. We will now add in to the calculation of your total usage a 64kb “overhead” for each file stored. The 64kb overhead is to account for the storage costs of metadata such as logs, behaviors, permissions, and notifications associated with each file, as well as overhead costs that are passed through to us by Amazon S3.

Adding an overhead into storage calculations is common industry practice and for most people will result in no impact at all to their bill. The overhead will only materially affect a very small number of our customers that store with us hundreds of thousands or millions of tiny files.

Even with the addition of the overhead calculations, the net impact of this pricing change is a 15-20% reduction in per-GB pricing for the overwhelming majority of our customers.

A good thing indeed!

We hope that the price reduction enables you to store even more data with us!