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As of May 8, 2019, BrickFTP is now! Learn more here, or check it out now! ⟶

BrickFTP vs.

FTP Cloud Storage for Business

BrickFTP offers protected file sharing and storage options for businesses that make security a top priority. More than 100,000 users from industries like healthcare, retail, government, education and marketing trust BrickFTP to store their sensitive data.

  • Strong encryption

    Files are encrypted at rest and in transit with this secure FTP hosting solution.
  • Flexible permissions

    With the most customizable permission model in the industry, this hosted FTP server allows users to control and determine who has access to what stored files and when.
  • Security and compliance

    Dedicated IP, custom SSL, HIPAA and GDPR compliance are just a few of the security and regulatory protections BrickFTP offers businesses.

BrickFTP is the preferred FTP hosting platform for 1,700 global organizations, including:

  • ABC
  • GoPro
  • Office 365
  • Target

Large File Support through FTP Hosting

BrickFTP wins against the competition for its support of large files, including hi-res videos, with 5TB of storage available. Users can upload files to the FTP cloud on all interfaces. Videos can be transcoded, so previewing the media is possible without the need to fully download it.

Custom Branding and White Labeling

Make your FTP hosting site your own through custom colors, logos, domains and branding options. BrickFTP’s white label solutions allow businesses to maintain branding and design consistency. This means no giant “BrickFTP” logos on your hosted FTP server. When you share files with trusted clients, contractors, partners and employees, your BrickFTP platform will seamlessly integrate with and reflect your unique business.

Unlimited Users

You have the power to invite as many users from your organization to share, access and upload files in a secure environment as you wish. Organize them into groups you define with specific read, write and delete permissions per individual or group. You can allow users to upload files to a specific folder without creating an account. BrickFTP’s custom password rules and brute-force protection ensure your hosted files are safeguarded from any device.

Notable Features of FTP Cloud Hosting with BrickFTP:

  • Activity notifications

  • Comprehensive logging

  • Drag-and-drop web interface

  • One-click file sharing

  • Style customization

  • Integrations with Dropbox, Slack, Basecamp and more

  • Brute-force protection

  • Regional storage

  • Priority support and regulatory compliance (Enterprise)