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Product Features

BrickFTP is a robust, enterprise-ready file server solution with many features for you to explore.

Designed To Work With Everything

  • All Protocols Supported

    Our proprietary brickd engine supports all standard protocols, including FTP, FTPS, FTPES, SFTP, and WebDAV. Access your files directly on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

  • Single Sign-On Via LDAP

    LDAP and Active Directory are fully supported, so your groups and users can be imported automatically according to filters you configure.

  • Web Interface

    BrickFTP's web interface works in all browsers and doesn't require any downloads or plugins for full functionality.

  • REST & Webhook APIs

    Our REST API supports all operations on files, users, groups, permissions, notifications, and more. Our Webhook API alerts you when any event occurs.

  • 3rd Party Integration Via Zapier

    Full integration with Zapier allows you to integrate BrickFTP with Basecamp, Evernote, Dropbox, Twitter, Slack, and more.

Blends With Your Brand

  • Custom Domain

    Point your domain or subdomain at us and access BrickFTP using a URL that looks like

  • Custom Design & Colors

    Our easy color pickers let you colorize your admin panel to match your brand, without any coding knowledge.

  • Whitelabel Branding

    If you enable our whitelabel option, all traces of BrickFTP branding will be removed, allowing you to brand our service entirely as your own.

  • Custom CSS

    Customize the web interface's look and feel by injecting your own CSS styles to reflect your brand.

Unlimited Users And Groups

  • Users & Groups

    Set up complex hierarchies within your organization by creating an unlimited number of users, and breaking them up into groups.

  • Flexible Permission Model

    You can set read, write, and delete permissions on a per-folder, per-user, per-group basis, allowing an unlimited number of permission scenarios.

Security & Compliance Are Our Priority

  • Dedicated IP & Custom SSL

    When you decide to utilize our dedicated IP feature, we will include the ability to enable your own custom SSL certificate for your domain.

  • At-Rest & In-Transit Encryption

    BrickFTP encrypts your files not only during transit, but also when stored on our servers, so you can rest assured your data is always secure.

  • Comprehensive Audit Logging

    BrickFTP records detailed information about every single file or folder action that takes place in your account, and those logs are retained for 7 years.

  • HIPAA Compliant

    BrickFTP is designed for HIPAA Compliance, and we will sign a BAA for our customers under the Enterprise Plan who are regulated by HIPAA.

Extremely Scalable

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    Don't worry about overage costs or extra fees with BrickFTP. All our plans come with unlimited, uncapped bandwidth for uploads and downloads.

  • Huge File Support

    BrickFTP supports file sizes up to 5TB via all interfaces, making it a prime choice for customers who work with video. Our competitors don't even come close to supporting files this big!

And Much More...

  • Video, Image & Audio Previews

    We transcode all video into short previews so you can easily preview your media without having to fully download it.

  • Public 'Dropbox' Uploads

    Allow anonymous users to upload files directly to the folder you specify, without them needing to create an account first.

  • Upload Notifications

    Receive email alerts any time a file is uploaded to the folders you specify, allowing you to minimize unecessary communication.

  • One-Click File Sharing

    Easily bundle and share files by generating a unique download link. You can even set a custom expiration time if you want your files available only for a certain period.

  • Drag & Drop

    Our web interface follows User Experience best practices, allowing your users to get more things done intuitively rather than figuring things out.

  • Brute Force Protection

    If brute force protection is enabled, a user will be locked out of their account after a configurable number of failed login attempts.

  • Password Complexity

    You can optionally require that all your users' passwords comply with various complexity rules that you can set.

  • Many More Features

    Start a 30 Day Free Trial to experience for yourself everything that BrickFTP has to offer.