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As of May 8, 2019, BrickFTP is now! Learn more here, or check it out now! ⟶

For Architecture

Today’s architects are embracing the paperless office and storing blueprints, 3D models, visualization projects, and work docs to the cloud with BrickFTP.

Storing documents digitally with BrickFTP’s user-friendly, intuitive and hyper-secure file-storage platform allows the modern architect to seamlessly collaborate with contractors and clients while keeping their work organized and easily accessible from any location.

Features that make BrickFTP the best option for architects and engineers looking to store and share documents include:

  • 1Powerful group management

    Improve the workflow between project managers, contractors, and other members of your team with BrickFTP’s secure web portal or desktop app. Unlimited users and teams helps increase collaboration, communication, and cohesion within the organization while saving you time.

  • 2Holistic custom branding

    Fully white label your file-sharing platform to build trust and consistency with clients and build your distinct brand. Your custom colors, domain, and logos and allow you to have complete control over your architecture firm’s image. All traces of BrickFTP branding will be removed, so your unique site will reflect your specific design sensibilities.

  • 3One-click collaboration

    Easily collaborate on projects with distributed team members, project managers, and clients without extra steps. Send a link that can optionally expire and allow others to upload files without creating an account first. BrickFTP eliminates the hassle of locating photos, documents, or contracts by storing them all in the same place.

  • 4Flexible permission control

    Do you have specific files that should only be seen by a select few? Or even just one person? BrickFTP allows your architecture firm to delegate specific read, write, and delete permissions on a per-user, per-group, or per-folder basis to maximize the security of your stored files.

  • 5Large file support

    With BrickFTP’s fast speeds and support of file uploads up to 5TB, you won’t run into the common “attachment is too large to send” problem other companies face when attempting to email documents between clients and departments. Large photos, renderings, models, and even video can be uploaded and accessed quickly on Windows or macOS devices with BrickFTP.

  • 6The best security

    At BrickFTP, we take security very seriously, which is why we we made protection of your files our top priority. Your stored documents will be encrypted at rest and in transit, and we offer comprehensive logging so you can see who is adding, removing, or accessing any file. Highly detailed permission control allows you to determine exactly who is authorized to access any document or media you add to your site.

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Integration features and options

BrickFTP logo+

BrickFTP’s Zapier integration allows those in the architecture industry to streamline their files with more than 750 different applications, allowing for even more control and customization of your documents.

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Our Premier plan includes priority access to our Customer Success team, so BrickFTP’s engineers can help ensure the platform drops right into your existing environment.

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One central storage location for files generated through programs applications like 3ds, AutoCad, Revit, and Maya.

No limit

The number of users you can have on your BrickFTP account — no more counting seats or running the risk of multiple people accessing one account.


The maximum size of any single file a user can upload from any interface using BrickFTP. Perfect for architects seeking a place to store and share 3D models, videos, photos, or blueprints.


The number of hours of custom development work included with your BrickFTP Enterprise account.