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As of May 8, 2019, BrickFTP is now! Learn more here, or check it out now! ⟶

For Enterprise Software

BrickFTP was built by developers, for developers, and is the platform of choice for dozens of enterprise software products that need to integrate cloud storage.

Trusted by the most-respected names in software

Why use BrickFTP in enterprise software?

BrickFTP is seamlessly integrated into top enterprise software products targeting many different niches. Our full API and focus on supporting developers, combined with our lightning fast speeds and total end-to-end security, make BrickFTP perfect for your app.

Developers, we know you'll appreciate these developer-oriented features:

  • 1Holistic custom branding

    Fully white label and add your logos, brand colors, and all the little details. BrickFTP is designed to fit in with your existing identity.

  • 2Flexible permission control

    Create whatever structure that fits best with your existing app. Read, write, and delete permissions can be established on a per-folder, per-group, or even per-user basis. It's easier than ever to integrate cloud storage into your app.

  • 3Large file support

    Let us handle large files so you don't have to. BrickFTP supports up to 5TB per file for uploads on all interfaces. Combined with lightning speeds, you’ve got the perfect solution for your app.

  • 4The best security

    Your data is critical, and BrickFTP treats it as such. Comprehensive encryption both in-transit and at-rest and comprehensive access logging by default, with dedicated IP/custom SSL options.

  • 5FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV interfaces

    Integrate with a legacy vendor or customer systems that use FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV easily.

  • 6Quick & reliable sharing

    Share large files with a single link, and set timers for links to self-destruct — total control over the files that you share on behalf of your users.

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Integration features and options

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BrickFTP & Zapier means integration with over 750 different applications, like Microsoft Office, G Suite, and major APIs.

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Our Premier plan includes priority access to our Customer Success team, so BrickFTP’s engineers can help ensure the platform drops right into your existing environment.

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Full developer-oriented API allows you to access all the features of BrickFTP directly from the software that you build.

No limit

The number of users you can have on your account. This means you can create logins for every user on your platform, and we're ok with that.


The maximum size of any single file a user can upload from any interface using BrickFTP.


The number of different object types exposed via our developer-centered API. Access everything in your account programmatically.