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As of May 8, 2019, BrickFTP is now! Learn more here, or check it out now! ⟶

For Finance

BrickFTP provides financial and banking organizations an easy way to organize and share documents with robust security measures in place, so files are kept safely stored in the cloud.

CPA firms, investment companies, and banks trust BrickFTP to keep uploaded documents protected while providing a seamless solution to streamline workflows and facilitate communication with clients.

Features that make BrickFTP the ideal solution for finance include:

  • 1Powerful group management

    Unlimited users and teams allows accounting organizations to engage everyone involved in sharing and collaborating on documents. Staff can access work files in the office or on the go with at-rest and in-transit encryption in place to ensure the security of all documents.

  • 2Holistic custom branding

    All traces of BrickFTP will be removed, so your accounting firm can create customized client portals that reflect your branding and style. Customization allows for a more cohesive brand image, which helps build trust with those you work with.

  • 3One-click collaboration

    With lightning-fast upload speeds, you can invite any member of your team to collaborate on stored documents using BrickFTP’s intuitive interface. Your firm can quickly and efficiently share important forms, contracts, and other documents with clients without having to create a user account for each.

  • 4Flexible permission control

    Companies that provide accounting and banking services must make document security a top priority, which is why BrickFTP allows users to delegate specific permissions and access levels for all stored files. Your firm can determine who can read, write, and delete each document or folder. Unlimited users can be added to specific groups with detailed levels of access and control.

  • 5Large file support

    BrickFTP supports file uploads up to 5TB, so no time will be wasted running into “file too large to send” error messages. This hastens the process of sharing important, time-sensitive documents with clients and colleagues from any location.

  • 6The best security

    Keeping financial information secure is a key priority for your firm, so we have designed BrickFTP to ensure all files you upload and share are encrypted. Our detailed security policy allows users to maximize the protection of their stored documents. Our file-sharing platform is also compliant with federal regulations, including HIPAA and GDPR, to keep your client information protected.

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Integration features and options

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BrickFTP’s Zapier integration allows accountants to integrate their file-sharing platform with a wide range of widely used programs, such as DocuSign and Microsoft Office.

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Our team of developers can build a custom integration that drops BrickFTP right into your existing workflow. All Enterprise plans include 10 hours of custom integration work.

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Your clients

Design a personalized, highly secure interface for each of your clients with BrickFTP’s white-label branding features. Drag-and-drop capabilities and fast uploads make it intuitive for those you serve to send or receive documents quickly and easily.

No limit

All BrickFTP plans include the unique option of unlimited users. This means every member of your accounting organization, as well as clients, advisers, policyholders, and investors can create their own account to store, access, and collaborate on files in the cloud.


The number of days in your FREE trial with BrickFTP. Trial includes access to all Enterprise and Small Business plan features so you can determine which package best suits your accounting firm’s needs.


The number of hours of custom development work included with your BrickFTP Enterprise account.