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As of May 8, 2019, BrickFTP is now! Learn more here, or check it out now! ⟶

For Insurance

Creating a secure, reliable, intuitive, and fast way to organize and send insurance documents to clients is easy with BrickFTP’s flexible customization options for cloud-based file storage.

Insurance providers trust BrickFTP to streamline communication with clients while ensuring the highest security measures are in place to keep internal files protected. BrickFTP provides the perfect solution for businesses that need to access documents immediately or store files for a later date.

Features that make BrickFTP the ideal solution for insurance companies include:

  • 1Powerful group management

    Delegate specific levels of access to an unlimited amount of users for all BrickFTP plans. This allows your insurance company to invite clients, claims adjusters, colleagues, and stakeholders to upload, download, store, view, and collaborate on specific documents based on controls you set.

  • 2Holistic custom branding

    With BrickFTP’s white-label branding solution, your company can fully customize the appearance and domain of each document portal you set up for each client or colleague. All traces of BrickFTP will be removed, so your company’s image can remain cohesive and consistent.

  • 3One-click collaboration

    Invite any member of your organization to resolve matters quickly and collaborate on specific claims documents with BrickFTP’s fast and intuitive interface. Download the desktop app for Windows or macOS, or quickly access your files via any modern browser.

  • 4Flexible permission control

    Delegate specific levels of access for each user you invite to view your stored insurance files on a per-folder or per-user basis. This allows your organization to tighten security measures by ensuring sensitive documents do not end up in the wrong hands.

  • 5Large file support

    Field claims adjusters can store, organize, and send high-resolution photos and videos without running into frustrating “this file is too large to send” error messages. BrickFTP supports file uploads up to 5TB, allowing your organization to store a vast amount of uploaded assets, including invoices, claims documentation, and customer information, in the cloud.

  • 6The best security

    BrickFTP takes security extremely seriously. At-rest and in-transit encryption guarantees your stored insurance documents are protected in the office and on the go. Detailed, flexible permission controls ensure only the users you delegate specific access levels to those who are authorized to view your uploaded files. Comprehensive logging allows your team to view who is uploading documents to your site and when. All logs are retained for 7 years.

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Integration features and options

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BrickFTP’s Zapier integration allows insurance companies to integrate their file-sharing platform with a range of office programs, including DocuSign and Microsoft Office 365.

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Our Premier plan includes priority access to our Customer Success team, so BrickFTP’s engineers can help ensure the platform drops right into your existing environment.

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The cloud

Storing insurance documents in the cloud allows your team and clients to quickly access forms and files from any location. BrickFTP’s desktop sync app makes it easy to manage and edit files locally and automatically sync them to your specific online portals.

No limit

Unlike competing services, BrickFTP offers unlimited users and teams with all plans. No more seat counting or sharing account login details. All members of your insurance company, plus clients, investors, and partners, can create an account to access your secure stored documents.


The number of days in your FREE trial with BrickFTP. Trial includes access to all Enterprise and Small Business plan features so you can determine which package best suits your insurance company’s needs.


The number of hours of custom development work included with your BrickFTP Enterprise account.