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As of May 8, 2019, BrickFTP is now! Learn more here, or check it out now! ⟶

For Marketing

As a client-serving institution ourselves, we at BrickFTP understand exactly what marketing firms need in a cloud storage provider.

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Why use BrickFTP in marketing?

For marketing companies all over the world, BrickFTP is an extension of your operations. Whether you're archiving analytics data or sharing large files such as high-resolution video, you'll love the combination of lightning-fast speeds and total end-to-end security.

Here are a few of the top features that make BrickFTP the perfect choice for your marketing firm:

  • 1Powerful group management

    Get everyone in aligmnent: customers and internal stakeholders. Unlimited users and unlimited teams mean that there’s room for everyone to collaborate and engage.

  • 2Flexible permission control

    Make sure users have access to the files they need — and nothing more. Read, write, and delete permissions can be established on a per-folder, per-group, or even per-user basis. It's easier than ever to be an admin.

  • 3One-click collaboration

    Need to get a large promo video over to your customer for review? Easy — send them a link that can optionally expire, and even allow others to upload without an account. No hassle or insecure platforms to gamble with.

  • 4Holistic custom branding

    Fully white label and add your logos, brand colors, and all the little details — perfect for sharing data with OEM/ODM partners, promotional partners, internal stakeholders, and even your end customers.

  • 5Large file support

    Email attachment size limits got you down? We support up to 5TB per file for uploads on all interfaces. Combined with lightning speeds, you’ve got the perfect solution for marketers.

  • 6The best security

    Your data is critical, and BrickFTP treats it as such. Comprehensive encryption both in-transit and at-rest and comprehensive access logging by default, with dedicated IP/custom SSL options.

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Integration features and options

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BrickFTP & Zapier means integration with over 750 different applications, like Microsoft Office, G Suite, and major CRM & marketing automation platforms.

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Our Premier plan includes priority access to our Customer Success team, so BrickFTP’s engineers can help ensure the platform drops right into your existing environment.

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Make that next product launch your best yet, with full integration in top lean or agile project management platforms of your choice.

No limit

The number of users you can have on your BrickFTP account — no more counting seats.


The maximum size of any single file a user can upload from any interface using BrickFTP.


The number of days in your free trial with BrickFTP — but you’ll love it from day one.