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Legacy Unlimited Bandwidth Policy

Details of our legacy policy to provide Unlimited Bandwidth (only applies to legacy grandfathered-in sites).

Last Updated: March 27, 2017

Our Unlimited Bandwidth offer is designed to attract typical office workers who use BrickFTP for typical office tasks, such as file sharing, and backing up their office computer.

Unlimited Bandwidth applies to access from an authenticated user account that is used by a single named person on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

If a single username is shared by multiple people, or if a username is used by devices outside of that single named person's immediate control/possession, or if that username is used by a server in a rack or datacenter (as opposed to a desktop computer), or if files are made publicly available through BrickFTP, all of the upload and download bandwidth associated with your entire site will be billed.

Bandwidth usage is billed by adding your monthly bandwidth usage to your monthly storage usage, and then applied against your storage quota and storage overage rate. That rate is $0.10 per GB for new BrickFTP customers. Existing customers should check their site to obtain the rate for their plan.

We enforce this rule manually, based on a review of your account activity. If it appears that your account is not eligible for unlimited bandwidth, we will let you know at the time we update your account. You will be able to appeal the decision by telling us more about your use case.

We are not concerned with small time sharing of accounts, and we aren't worried about users who have a few different computers and maybe a phone or two. What we are concerned about is companies who, for example, configure 10,000 devices to all connect to BrickFTP using the same username and password. Or media companies using BrickFTP to stream large movies to thousands of viewers.

BrickFTP was never designed to be a CDN, but we recognize that some people are having success using it as one. So this policy was designed to enable them to still use BrickFTP while ensuring that the Unlimited Bandwidth offer fulfills its intended purpose of fulfilling the needs of office employees using our desktop and web apps.

Questions regarding this policy should be sent by e-mail to us using our online contact form.