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The World’s Best File Server

Unlimited Users and Unlimited, Uncapped Bandwidth. Goodbye, limits. Hello BrickFTP.

70,000 Users From 1,600 Businesses Worldwide Trust BrickFTP

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  • Fast Connections Via FTP, SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV

    Fast Connections Via FTP, SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV

    Our proprietary FTPS, SFTP, FTP, and WebDAV engine allows lightning fast access to your files. We also provide a beautiful web and mobile interface.

  • Single Sign-On &
    Active Directory Support

    Single Sign-On &<br>Active Directory Support

    Single Sign-On (SSO) options including OpenLDAP and Active Directory allow BrickFTP to instantly integrate your existing user database.

  • At-Rest & In-Transit Encryption

    At-Rest & In-Transit Encryption

    BrickFTP encrypts your files during transit and when stored on our servers. Custom SSL Certificates are supported as well so your brand is always visible.

  • One-Click Sharing & Anonymous Uploads

    One-Click Sharing & Anonymous Uploads

    Share files and folders easily via share links that can optionally expire after a period of time. You can also allow people to upload without an account.

  • BrickFTP
  • Custom Branding &
    White-label Support

    Custom Branding &<br />White-label Support

    Add your own colors, logos, domain, and SSL certificate to remove all traces of the BrickFTP branding. CSS allows for even further customization.

  • HIPAA Compliance
    With BAA

    HIPAA Compliance<br>With BAA

    BrickFTP supports HIPAA compliant operation, and we will sign a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) for customers regulated by HIPAA.

  • Comprehensive Logging of All Access

    Comprehensive Logging of All Access

    All file and folder actions are logged in a detailed, searchable audit trail log which is retained for 7 years and can be exported for your records.

  • Very Flexible
    Permission Model

    Very Flexible<br>Permission Model

    We have the most flexible permission model in the industry, allowing granular control of users, groups, and their access levels.

Designed To Work With Everything

  • All Protocols Supported

    Our proprietary brickd engine supports all standard protocols, including FTP, FTPS, FTPES, SFTP, and WebDAV. Access your files directly on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

  • Single Sign-On Via LDAP

    LDAP and Active Directory are fully supported, so your groups and users can be imported automatically according to filters you configure.

  • Web Interface

    BrickFTP's web interface works in all browsers and doesn't require any downloads or plugins for full functionality.

  • REST & Webhook APIs

    Our REST API supports all operations on files, users, groups, permissions, notifications, and more. Our Webhook API alerts you when any event occurs.

  • 3rd Party Integration Via Zapier

    Full integration with Zapier allows you to integrate BrickFTP with Basecamp, Evernote, Dropbox, Twitter, Slack, and more.

Blends With Your Brand

  • Custom Domain

    Point your domain or subdomain at us and access BrickFTP using a URL that looks like

  • Custom Design & Colors

    Our easy color pickers let you colorize your admin panel to match your brand, without any coding knowledge.

  • Whitelabel Branding

    If you enable our whitelabel option, all traces of BrickFTP branding will be removed, allowing you to brand our service entirely as your own.

  • Custom CSS

    Customize the web interface's look and feel by injecting your own CSS styles to reflect your brand.

Unlimited Users And Groups

  • Users & Groups

    Set up complex hierarchies within your organization by creating an unlimited number of users, and breaking them up into groups.

  • Flexible Permission Model

    You can set read, write, and delete permissions on a per-folder, per-user, per-group basis, allowing an unlimited number of permission scenarios.

Security & Compliance Are Our Priority

  • Dedicated IP & Custom SSL

    When you decide to utilize our dedicated IP feature, we will include the ability to enable your own custom SSL certificate for your domain.

  • At-Rest & In-Transit Encryption

    BrickFTP encrypts your files not only during transit, but also when stored on our servers, so you can rest assured your data is always secure.

  • Comprehensive Audit Logging

    BrickFTP records detailed information about every single file or folder action that takes place in your account, and those logs are retained for 7 years.

  • HIPAA Compliant

    BrickFTP is designed for HIPAA Compliance, and we will sign a BAA for our customers under the Corporate Plan who are regulated by HIPAA.

Extremely Scalable

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    Don't worry about overage costs or extra fees with BrickFTP. All our plans come with unlimited, uncapped bandwidth for uploads and downloads.

  • Huge File Support

    BrickFTP supports file sizes up to 5TB via all interfaces, making it a prime choice for customers who work with video. Our competitors don't even come close to supporting files this big!

And Much More...

  • Video, Image & Audio Previews

    We transcode all video into short previews so you can easily preview your media without having to fully download it.

  • Public 'Dropbox' Uploads

    Allow anonymous users to upload files directly to the folder you specify, without them needing to create an account first.

  • Upload Notifications

    Receive email alerts any time a file is uploaded to the folders you specify, allowing you to minimize unecessary communication.

  • One-Click File Sharing

    Easily bundle and share files by generating a unique download link. You can even set a custom expiration time if you want your files available only for a certain period.

  • Drag & Drop

    Our web interface follows User Experience best practices, allowing your users to get more things done intuitively rather than figuring things out.

  • Brute Force Protection

    If brute force protection is enabled, a user will be locked out of their account after a configurable number of failed login attempts.

  • Password Complexity

    You can optionally require that all your users' passwords comply with various complexity rules that you can set.

  • Many More Features

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Free Setup
Start Free Trial
2,500 GB Storage
$0.10/GB Overage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Users
Custom Domain
White-label Branding
Dedicated IP & Custom SSL
Custom CSS
LDAP/Active Directory
HIPAA Compliance with BAA

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Free Setup
Start Free Trial
500 GB Storage
$0.20/GB Overage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Users
Custom Domain
White-label Branding
Dedicated IP & Custom SSL
Custom CSS
LDAP/Active Directory
HIPAA Compliance with BAA



Free Setup
Start Free Trial
100 GB Storage
$0.50/GB Overage
Unlimited Bandwidth
10 Users
$5/User Overage
Custom Domain
White-label Branding
Dedicated IP & Custom SSL
Custom CSS
LDAP/Active Directory
HIPAA Compliance with BAA